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Welcome to the website of Michael Hunwick, lawyer of Hamilton. Michael has practiced law in New Zealand for over 30 years, successfully working in a great many different areas of law. Through years of practice, combined with a vigorous work ethic, Michael has successfully helped scores of clients. A family friendly lawyer, Michael is a trusted member of the Hamilton community. 
  • Mobile - The Mobile Lawyer" since 1990. Mike is mobile. With no central office. If you are in the Waikato. He can meet at a location convenient to you, or he can arrange a confidential meeting room.
  • Cloud -   Mike is 100% cloud based. He can work from any location, at any time. And you can have remote access to your documents.
  • Paperless -   Environmentally friendly and efficient, Mike saves the planet and lowers the cost to you.
Secure - Mike uses Amicus Online, the largest American Legal client management system for cloud file and document management, with full spectrum data security. 
Fair Fees - Mike ensures his fees are fair and competitive. Running a paperless, no office practise allows him to do this. He tries to provide fixed fees quotes before the work is commenced, and you can pay by credit card if you wish.


Michael has practiced in a diverse range of different areas of law over his practice career, meaning that he has a good grasp in many different areas of law. But he has concentrated in the following areas of law:
Buying and Selling Houses, apartments and lifestyle property 
Trusts, wills, Estates and enduring powers of attorney 
Relationship Property Agreements
Small business, legal advice and commercial
Asset Protection, Estates and legacy planning 


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